Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finding the Passion - An update

We've had some great comments about the original FINDING THE PASSION post on this blog, and since publishing it I have had the opportunity to have some great discussions with lots of teachers about it. It's great for me as the author of the post to get a good response and I think it shows that there are 'passionate' teachers out there! 

In one of the conversations that I have had since posting, I was introduced (by Michael Fawcett)  to another video from Sir Ken Robinson that I had not seen before. I am posting this video here (the whole 39mins) because it really supports what I was saying in my post. This video is REALLY worth watching. Again, Sir Ken Robinson makes some important points about finding what you are passionate about and running with it.


On a side note:
I have been really overwhelmed by the response that 'At The Teacher's Desk' has received in such a short time. It's great to see that so many teachers are taking the time to be involved in the conversations that are going on here, and also that people are linking back to our site from their own blogs. This site was really an experiment and I wasn't sure that it would work. It's great to see such a strong initial response! 

Thank you!


"Finding your passion changes EVERYTHING"
Sir Ken Robinson

Jarrod Lamshed


DLR said...

I am posting once again for Dr. John Strange's summer class. Thanks once again for sharing this illuminating video! If you like, you may visit my blogspot at

Megan said...

Hi Mr. Lamshed, I am posting this for Dr. Strange's EDM course. Thank you for posting the inspiring video which is a sort of sequel to the last one. Sir Ken Robinson definitly brings about a lot of great points that I think we as educators need to stop and listen to. Thank you again. If you wish to contact me my Twitter name is Bamamcb07 and my blog site is