Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Thoughts on International Blogging Collaborations

@jkmcclung and I sat down Friday after school to make a video for @jlamshed about blogging internationally and its impact in our classrooms. Forgive us for rambling....


NZWaikato said...

This moring I had an hour set aside for preparation in my classroom and I got to school to start at 7am. I have just sat through the entire video watching it in one take and now am seriously behind on my work, and it was completly worth it.

jkmcclung said...

Glad to hear someone found value in our 20 + minute ramble!

Michael/@teachernz said...

How have I missed this? A concise explanation and honest reflection on your learning journeys. I can't believe you've done so much in such a short time... it took me a lot longer.

John Strange said...

I have recorded a 2:22 video comment on my brand new iPhone 3G S which I got this morning.

A few comments on the video:
1. Its the first I have done on an iPhone.
2. I could not see what was in the lens (but not bad though, even if the camera was too low and it looks like I was a dentist taking pictures for braces or something.
3. First, I tried not trimming it in the iPhone. I got it to my Mac and put it in iMovie. IMovie treated it as a landscape movie even though I took it in portrait mode. Since I could not figure out how to get myself vertical again, I went back to the iPhone and trimmed it there.
4. Trimming is difficult and not very accurate in the iPhone. For landscape shots I would do it on the computer in iMovie.
5. It was fun learning something new.
6. Has GREAT possibilities for the classroom!

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