Thursday, May 28, 2009

We are showing off Our Art Work!

I use many kinds of Web 2.0 tools to display the work of my students. Among them, Animoto is one of my favourite ones. This one shows off the children's paintings of the dinosaurs.


Matua Haami said...

WOW! That was really good art work. You have given me an idea of using "Animoto" to display my students work. Have a nice long weekend

John Strange said...

I had never heard of Animoto either (in addition to Mr. C's list in a post posted after this one). It looks like it is easy to use and would enhance a presentation. I'll have my students (college) try it out in the fall unless I decide they should learn how to create the animation themselves.

Many thanks!

Jim Fawcett said...

Great paintings! I've used the free Animoto that records up to 30 seconds or so, but was wondering if anyone knew how to make animation over pictures?