Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Is Your Killer App?

Alex here is curious, he wants to know what are the most important applications to use in school. Is it blogs, wiki's, or Nings? Maybe you prefer Glogster, Kerpoof, or Edmodo? Tell me what program you can't live without.


John Strange said...

OK...OK...OK. So I didn't know about Twitter in March and now you want me to learn about Nings, Glogster, Kerpoof, Edmodo? You must think I am taking a course in how to use use new technologies in the classroom. NO! I am teaching (supposedly) the course. And I have never heard of Glogster, Kerpoof, Edmodo. But Mr. McClung did point me toward Nings a few weeks ago.

Interesting, isn't it. College teachers certainly don't know it all! I am positive my students have no real idea of how fast the world is changing. Thanks to you (collectively), they can learn much more that I will teach them. I just hope they take advantage of this opportunity.

TO MY STUDENTS: I hope you are reading this and paying attention! It is an important part of your assignments!

John Strange said...

And, Mr. C, another thing you taught me is the importance of comments on blog posts.

TO MY STUDENTS: Note how the comments to this post, and others, enhance and expand the meaning and importance of the post in the first place!

NZWaikato said...

@ John Strange - it absolutely is so important to post as it can be so inspiring.
My killer application - MicroSoft MovieMaker. Effective, cheap, guaranteed and something that I use nearly every time I post.