Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Over It

If you've read my earlier post Talking the Talk you'll know how I feel about hearing my recorded voice. Yesterday the chance arose to take another step up the ladder and produce a video.

@catspyjamasnz asked for people to contribute to her project What My PLN Means to Me and to add a video to the wiki.

So here's my contribution. Like I've said before, we have to put ourselves out there and get over our dislikes, fears and phobias. How can we expect children to do this if we don't?


Wm Chamberlain said...

Excellent job! Your enunciation was spot on. Your tempo was excellent and even though I could tell you were nervous, you didn't sound nervous. Honestly, with the quality of your video you should no longer feel nervous about being on camera or recording audio.

Your message was really good. I still find it to be amazing that we have been doing this for less than a year. My PLN story isn't much different than yours although I lurked much longer than you. I really enjoyed your ending. It is a very powerful statement.

John Strange said...

How wonderful to see you and hear your voice. You were one of the very first teachers I encountered when Mr. C got me to Twitter (not an easy task, I might add)! And you were one of the first to be in my PLN, a term with which I was not familiar at that time. I think you were the one who got me to watch Sir Ken Robinson. How the world has changed since then for me!

I have been teaching (and for many years administering) in college since 1964. That's 45 years! And since last March (Mr. C and Twitter and you and my expanding PLN) I have been more excited about teaching than I have been for a very long time. I am not new to technology. I was out on the lecture circuit advocating the use of technology in the early 80's. But I am new to the connectedness, the world wide network of people like you and the others that contribute to this wonderful blog.

Thank you! And thank you for sharing.


Elizabeth Eiland said...

I am in EDM 310 a college class way down here in Mobile, Alabama. We discuss our PLNs all the time in class, how they can help us now or in the future. Some of my classmates never log off twiiter and others like me forget our passwords becuase I do not log on enough.
Watching your video and reading some of the other post from this website have really opened my eyes to see how useful it is.
You have encouraged me to try more and participate more on twitter.
Thank you for sharing your video.