Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Little Help From My Friends


This week has been a fun one for blogging. After being notified about our nomination last week for Best Class Blog, my students have been voting like crazy and are geeked up about the opportunity of winning a free subscription to Edublogs Campus.

With all the excitement expressed by my student, I thought I would share our nomination with all the faculty at Woodland...and their response was awesome. Received tons of positive feedback from many teachers in my building, many of whom didn't even know we had a class blog. At this time I would like to share a couple of those emails that I received from my fellow co-workers. This one is from Dr. John Stiefer (9th grade physical science) in response to me telling him you can only vote once per IP address.
Well, let's figure out some way around this. Ethical behavior gets thrown out of the window when things such as this are at stake. Shoot, I have my wife's office staff and all of her student workers on this. And, my daughter's sorority at the U of A is in. Before you know it, the entire "Greek" population could be voting for you. I'm on a mission.
While I'm not quite sure about the whole "ethical behavior" part, I really do appreciate his support and the enthusiasm that he shows! This next one is from our school tech, Laura Wainscott, in response to me notifying her about our nomination.
Thought you'd be interested in knowing that after I forwarded your e-mail to our Technology Integration Team, it has also been forwarded to all teachers and Root and all teachers at Asbell. :)
Root and Asbell are two of our elementary schools in Fayetteville School District and the Integration Team that she is referring to is our district wide other words, our district "go-to tech guys/gals". This especially makes me happy to know that not only are we receiving interest from a global audience, but we are also being noticed within our own town. It is so important to have school and district level support when your trying to build a stronger community of learners through technology integration.

I would also like to thank some long-time friends of our blog that are not so local. Mr. C (Missouri), Mr. Webb (New Zealand), and Mr. Lamshed (Australia) are faithful supporters of what we are doing here on our blog. Mr. C (former co-worker) especially has helped me out in many ways, first of which is teaching me how to blog. Mr. C helped me get this thing off the ground and served as a great model to follow. More recently he has supported us through his many blog post on his class blog and on a collaborative teacher blog called At The Teachers Desk which we are all contributors to. These men are great educators and serve as great resources.

One more time (not the last), I would like to thank everyone that has supported our blog (locally, nationally, and internationally) and also those that have cast a vote for us for Best Class Blog. I really appreciate your support and more importantly my students appreciate your support. Winners for all categories will be announced tonight at 6 pm (US CST) during an Elluminate session, I will post the winners sometime on Friday.

Mr. McClung

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John Hadley Strange said...

My classes had ended, I was sick and we didn't help. I am very, very sorry. It won't happen again.

You certainly deserve the recognition and the award, as do all the people you mentioned in your post.

But I was disturbed when I read "many of whom didn't even know we had a class blog." Not surprised, just disturbed. How do we spread the world about how important blogging, and commenting on blogs is to learning? So that your fellow teachers not only know that your class and students are bloggers, but that they become bloggers, with their students blogging too.

Keep at it Joe!