Monday, January 11, 2010

Clippers For Cancer - Supporting Children Living with Cancer

Last year, my class ran an event called clippers for cancer. It was held to raise money for the McGuinness McDermott Foundation, a local charity that supports families of children living with cancer.

After a lot of discussion, the students (all boys) decided that they would like to collect sponsorship and shave their heads. Their argument was, that a whole class of children doing away with their hair, would not only raise money, but raise awareness of an important issue. I was a little unsure about parent reaction to this idea, but all of the parents jumped on board and the event went ahead.

We set a goal of raising $200. We thought this was reasonable, as it was only our class collecting donations. We could not believe the community support that was given and we were able to raise $1870 for the foundation. It was a fantastic experience that showed what students are capable of, if they engaged in what they are doing, and they work together. They came away with a realization that they can be a productive member of their community and make a difference to people's lives.

On Monday March 1st 2010, we are running the event again, and we are looking to expand! We would like other classes or groups of students to join us. We are looking for schools that can host their own event. In Australia, we ask that your donations go to the McGuinness McDermott Foundation, for classes in other countries, we are investigating charities local to you.

If you are able to help us make this an international event, please visit the Clippers for Cancer website @ or visit our class blog @

We would love to hear from you!

Jarrod Lamshed


NZWaikato said...

Our class enjoyed following your exploits in this event online last year, and are really looking forward to your efforts this year with it. Hopefully plenty more people will take up the challenge!

Technology and Teaching Committee said...

Here's the link to my post. A Day of Giving

Technology and Teaching Committee said...

Looks like my first comment got lost. A great idea. We might change the method and the technique but would still make it a Day of Sharing. The link to my exploratory post to my students is found in the previous comment.