Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NSBA Voicethread

This coming week (March 15th) our school district will be hosting The National School Board Association as they visit our school district in which we will showcase how we use technology to enhance student learning here at Woodland Junior High. Attending this conference and visiting our school will be various school administrators and teachers from all over the country.

During this conference and visit our class blog will be highlighted in a couple of different ways and what I wanted to do is show these visitors to our school that having a successful blog is not a product of great ideas derived from myself and my students. Rather it is a product of great ideas and collaboration with a global network of learners. Through tools such as blogs and twitter one can build and develop a professional learning network that will enhance their instruction.

What do I need from you fine folks? Quite simple really, I'm building a voicethread that contains testimonials from teachers and/or students from around the globe. I'm asking friends of our blog to really lend me a hand on this one, if you would please leave a comment on the voicethread that will help all those visiting my demonstration and observing my technology laden lesson, why exactly blogging is so valuable to you.

Mr. McClung

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