Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artcyclopedia: The Art Teacher's Best Friend

I have been showing art teachers Artcyclopedia for years. It is a fine art search engine that allows you to search by the name of the artist, name of the art work, or even the name of a museum. It also has a list of clickable art movements that you can look at and get a quick overview.

For example, if you do an art search for the painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat it will take you to a page that links you to four sites about the painting. (One of the links no longer works though so make sure you check before you assign students to them.)

If you click on browse artist by movement you will see a list of the artists in that movement that are also linked to a search page about the artist.

While your first stop may be to Wikipedia to get your information for a painting or artist, you may want to give Artcyclopedia.com a try if you are interested in browsing or want to get a larger picture of art.


Amberly Elmore said...

Hello, I am in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I love this website now, I am a huge fan of art and this will allow be to get much of what I am looking for! I love to paint in my free time and I have been looking for new tools and sites.

Allison Rogers said...

I had never heard of that site before your blog, so I went and checked it out. What a great source it is. Its very easy to navigate and has good information on the artists, paintings and movements. I searched for Frida Kahlo and it brought up a short summary of her life and her work and gave me around fifty sites that I could go to to find more information on her, as well as museums that display her work.I am in EDM 310 at USA, studying to be a teacher and I can really see this being a good tool for art students or anyone interested in art.

Jamie Anderson said...

I can see how useful it could be to someone who is teaching or studying art. I'll have to pass it along to my niece who is an avid art fan.