Sunday, June 6, 2010

Repurposing School

Rexford School, Rexford, Kansas

On my way to Colorado with my church youth group we stopped in Rexford, Kansas for the night. I noticed the school building as soon as we came into town since it is the second biggest building around next to the grain elevator. Since Rexford is so far away from other towns and is not very big I asked a local about the school.

This building and the gym next to it house the 6th through 12th grade for Rexford and another town that is ten miles away. The other town's school houses K through 5th grade. This was an innovative way for both communities to keep a school in their town in the 1960's when so many small schools were consolidated (including the schools in my district.) While neither community were able to keep their own schools intact, they came up with a solution they could live with, they repurposed their schools.

Again we are going through tough economic times where schools are being closed and innovative ideas will need to come out and schools will need to be repurposed again. Will technology give us some of the answers schools need to survive (if not thrive?) Is this the opportunity for more online classes to be integrated into a school's curriculum?


hbhinton said...

Hi my name is Hillery,
I found your post really interesting. I think technology will definitely help our schools to survive as times get tougher. Online classes are being used more and more frequently throughout all school systems. I do not believe that it will be the answer to all of our problems and some schools will be repurposed again but I think it will help to improve the situation.
I am reading you post as part of an assignment for Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I will be doing a summary of my visit to your posts on June 30. You can see this by going to my blog:
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Wm Chamberlain said...

Hillary, thanks for the comment. I have never actually taken an online class. I suppose this is becoming more prevalent though. Not sure how I feel about them since I believe strongly that the teacher/student relationship is so important to the learning process.

Anonymous said...

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NZWaikato said...

I think that being innovative is hugely important. I gave a small presentation about the internet to staff last week, trying to underline the importance of it. In New Zealand now 1,000,000 homes have the Internet (we've only got 4 million population in total!) and 80% of houses have a computer. That's something that students have to know about and be able to use. Some schools that don't have a decent ICT outlook and yes I think that it is a need for schools to address. We have not a problem economically with schools here (they are all centrally funded by the government) but there is an issue with funding tied to the number of students that you have (ergo more students equals more money) and certainly I think a school that is more ICT savy is more attractive to perspective parents!