Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can you help our students in New Zealand?

This post was originally put on our class page, we're looking for contributions for it from around the world. Its relating to a New Zealand Mathematical Competition where we have to submit a video for judging. The students came up with the idea of posting the video online and getting as many responses as we could then collating them into a video to enter the competition (a sort of interactive world wide problem solving).

We're aware that its Spring Break or School Holidays for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere but we'd really love a global input.

What we would ask is to read the question and then record your students answer to the question! We're particularly keen to have an explanation of how your students (or yourself) solved the answer, and the strategy that they or you used!

If you could then send us the footage we'll compile it and therefore have a Mathematical question that has been answered by adults/students all around the world!

Bradley. one of our students has made a short video introducing himself and explaining the question which as follows:

8 men and 2 boys need to cross a river. They have a canoe which
cannot carry more than 1 man or 2 boys at one time. How many river crossing does it take to get everyone across?

If you'd like to contact me (NZWaikato/Mr Webb) about the video contribution you can do so by gmailing me at

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Linda Yollis said...

Hi Mr. Webb!

What is the deadline for receiving videos?

Great idea!

Mrs. Yollis