Saturday, August 7, 2010

Collaborative Online Mathematical Problem Solving

A few weeks ago now one of our students from our classroom decided to enter the local Mathematical Competition (Wai Maths, an abbreviation for Waikato Maths, the region of New Zealand that our school is in). He was looking for a way to combine our global audience from our class page with problem solving so hit upon getting video responses from other classrooms for a problem that he would come up with. I discussed with him the Northern Hemisphere School break and the likely hood of getting responses and on that basis he made an estimation that the video would travel and gain responses back a distance of 500 kilometres.

Thanks to this site, the PLN of a number of you who re-tweeted the link the student was able to gain responses that had a total distance there and back of over 80,000 kilometres!

Thank you so much to regular contributors/visitors to this site like Will Chamberlain, Anthony Capps from Dr Strange University of Alabama Course, Mrs Yollis from California and all of the others who made this possible. We haven't had the official results yet but Bradley the student from my classroom has be thrilled by the response and is very proud of his video.

Here is our entry - it had to come in at under four and half minutes so we had to make some tough decisions about what to leave in or out, if you were interested in receiving the entire video including everyone's full problem solving leave me an email and well arrange to send you one.

Wai Maths Online Problem Solving from myles webb on Vimeo.

So thank you once again to : Otewa School, King Country (NZ), Broadlands School, Reporoa, Bairds Mainfreight Primary Auckland, Mr KT Class Bell Aire Primary School in Geelong (Australia), Mrs Yollis Califorina USA, Mr C Missouri, USA, and Anthony Capps from the University of Alabama in the USA.

Myles Webb/NZWaikato, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.


Wm Chamberlain said...

A great project and a great idea. I was happy to help with the project and I hope it generates some interest from my students and we can return the favor!

John Hadley Strange said...

Fantastic! Next time I will have my entire class (160 this fall) ready to swing into action. Anthony is my Lab Associate this fall. But he could teach the course. Just doesn't have the right degrees. All the smarts and ability and attitudes, just not the degrees. That says something about our society also.

Let us know about the next project!