Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stanley Is Flat and He is Making the World Flatter Too!

In the mail Monday I had a surprise, Flat Stanley! Jason Schmidt's class in Omaha, Nebraska sent him to us. 


I decided to post the letter I was writing on my class blog and sent it out on Twitter. After Jason talked to me aand Theresa Murray, he decided to create a wiki for his class and those that he sent Stanley to.

While Flat Stanley has been around and has been a successful teaching tool for years, the ability to get almost instant information back from wherever Stanley is sent is very compelling. Creating a more permanent record is also very useful. Now Jason's students have access to the information at their fingertips with all the added benefits that the internet provides with information that can be found about each place. Flat Stanley is flattening the world!


Allie Howell said...


My name is Allie Howell, and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama.

I remember doing the Flat Stanley project when I was in elementary school! It was one of my favorite projects and something that I'm excited to do with my own future students!

I think it's a great idea to create a Wiki to document Stanley's travels! Like you said, it's "compelling" to get instant information and "useful" to have permanent documentation! Also, posting on a Wiki is (in my opinion) much easier than sending something via postal service!

I'm so happy that I read this blog post! Even something that has been around as long as Flat Stanley (1964) is getting tech-y! :)

Also, please visit my class blog!

ricardojw said...

My name is Catina and I am a student here at the University of South Alabama.I am taking a media class which is called EDM310.Wow, I learn something new everyday.Flat Stanley is something that sounds very interesting.Students are continuing to learn and its project base thats awesome.Fingertip information is a great tool to have at all times.Flat Stanley is a project I that I would love to learn more about and possibly use one day in the future.Learning is great thanks for sharing it with me.I can be visited at my class blog

Wm Chamberlain said...

Thanks Allie and Catina for your comments. It is fun to do something unusual in class.