Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exemplar of Students Work with Video

This piece of work shouldn't really have been successful, as the preparation was limited, the idea was a bit of a filler for the student involved, the primary student involved, but in the week since it has been one of the 'wow' moments for me of online work that I've been involved in, and I believe will be right up there with the other work that I've produced.

 The idea was simple enough, to put a video camera in the hands of a student who had a responsibility around the school for him to talk about it and share it with an audience and then put that online on our class page for a national and international audience.

However it has its charm.  The first are the students themselves, they make an amusing team, the rehearsal for this video had to be non existent, usually we try and script and prepare in advance for students as its something of an art to be flawless on the spot. 

But that wasn't possible

Carlton, on of the students is legally blind, so all the gestures the hand manoeuvres, the mannerisms that he's making he's doing so without the benefit of actually knowing exactly what he's doing. 

His teacher (which is not me we were looking at something to try and get him engaged), his parents everyone are thrilled with the responses he's got.  It's made a difference for this student, his teacher now seriously wants a class page (and him and individual page) and its a 'wow' moment for me, and is one of the reasons that I am still so passionate about using digital technology.  Yes he could have filmed the video for an audience in the classroom of his peers, that would have certainly been effective, but this has been so much more for him.