Thursday, August 6, 2009

Always Evolving, Always Changing

One of the best reasons to become more technologically literate is because technology is always changing.That of course requires us to continue to learn, adapt, and evolve. An active mind is a sharp mind. With that in mind, welcome to the next generation of content collection for Noel Elementary,

The picture above shows a screen shot of the beginning of our eight grade group. The purpose of the group is two-fold. First, it is a place for students to display content they create using tech (and non-tech) tools. Second, it is a learning community where students can communicate with each other (and selected adults) so they can further their education. With this site, there are no barriers for learning other than computer/internet access, unless you consider moderation a barrier ;>.

I suggest you consider how you want your students to display their work and communicate with each other. Spend some time looking at the tools available (and check with your district to see what they block) and get started. It is never too late to begin learning anything, especially tech tools!


Mark Herring said...

This is certainly the way to go. I've started a google groups page for our reading programme called room 12 bookchat. Kids LOVE getting their activities from it, have embeded youtube vids and they've started to get really into the discussion element.

I ask them to respond to the question and also one other reply from a student. There's some good conversation and, surprisingly, some very reflective comments going on, especially from those quieter students who might not be so confident in a face to face group situation.

Thanks for posting.

NZWaikato said...

I think that as good teachers we do need to evolve with our practise and challenge ourselves to do better.... that's one of the reasons that I was pleased, and also excited to hear that you had changed your educational role for the next teaching year... I think not only does it provide opportunity for you to add value to your schools ict progress it allows yourself to develop more work, as opposed to being in a classroom context..

John Strange said...

My very best wishes as you concentrate on being a teacher of teachers. We certainly need more of that! And once again I will be learning along with them - and you. I think it is so important that we all be learners!

Thanks again! I too am looking forward to this new year of learning!

And one of the first things I must learn about is!